Protective Sheeting

PVC4Africa supplies PVC sheeting in roll form for use in the manufacture of protective aprons and other protective coverings. Some of the products are for protection against non aggressive substances (refer to General Purpose sheeting) while others are for specialist applications such as for use in abbatoirs and fisheries. PVC sheet that can be used for prolonged times in contact with fats, oils and blood are specially designed to resist the extraction of the PVC softening agents which otherwise would cause embrittlement and premature failure.

Applications: abbatoir & fisheries capes and aprons, heavy duty mattress coverings and protective suits.


Blood & Fat sheeting


Butcher aprons or cape, fisheries clothing,

food preparation clothing, heavy duty mattress

covering, protective suits / aprons



400um & 600um


Heavy duty mattress covering

Resistant to body fluids

Can be autoclaved


300um Pink

Apron material

General purpose food preparation

No specialised material needed


280um White

Protective suits

Specialist material for use in areas of harmful


i.e. surgeon aprons, disposable suits